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Bayer Technologies specialises in providing instrumentation and technology for the alumina industry. We particularly manufacture laboratory and on-line instrumentation dedicated to the analysis of Bayer process liquors.

Our Bayer Liquor Analysis by Infra-red (BLAIR) system is a fully functional, off-the-shelf system developed by Bayer Technologies specifically for Alumina Refineries.

Over 10 years of research, development, engineering, manufacturing and testing has gone into this robust and innovative system and has employed the skills of a team of research chemists, engineers, software developers and manufacturing personnel.

Our goal is to implement this cutting edge technology in alumina refineries and so doing, revolutionise the way in which these plants are operated. The increased operation efficiencies of these plants has the potential for significant savings in a global economy of ever increasing market pressures.

"The Bayer process is the athlete, we are training it into an Olympian"

If our vision for Bayer process optimisation fits with your goals, we are keen to hear from you.