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BLAIR Competitive Advantage

Bayer Liquor Analysis by Infra-Red (BLAIR) is a low maintenance, high performance spectroscopic technique for quantitatively analysing Bayer liquors. BLAIR measures alumina, total caustic, total alkalinity, chloride, sulfate, density, TOC, and various ratios including A/C, C/S and TOC/S. This technique also measures oxalate, acetate, formate, malonate, succinate and a value which represents the breakdown of organics in Bayer liquors (the Borg value).

BLAIR Analysis

BLAIR is not only fast, but is accurate and precise, all in a compact footprint.

BLAIR specifications table

BLAIR includes

The BLAIR analysis package includes licences to use BLAIR technology, BLAIR software and associated hardware.

BLAIR Gets Results

BLAIR produces reliable, accurate and repeatable results.


BLAIR Brochure

Download a copy of the BLAIR brochure here (approx 1mb).